Volunteer at YHFG Part 2 – Daniela Heiß writes about her second month

Meanwhile it is already the second month of my “three-month-stay” in Bolga. I am really enjoying my time over there. Because of all the new impressions, the friendly smiling people who are almost everywhere and the nice working environment, there is no need and time for feeling homesick – because I am feeling home here as well.

Experiences at the Youth Harvest Foundation

After I joined some classes to get an insight in the teaching atmosphere, which was necessary to improve the guiding questions, I started interviewing the current girls of the Remedial School Program. Meanwhile I have done about 11 interviews, some are following. Interviewing the students is very interesting and helps to evaluate the program. However transcribing the interviews takes a lot of time. Nevertheless during transcribing the interviews I can reflect the communication between the interviewed girl and me, as well as the way how I ask questions. So I gain a lot of experiences which will definitely help me for my further career in the field of social research. The next weeks I am going to interview the teachers as well because their feedback about the whole program is also very important.

Soon there will be the alumni meeting. At this day I have the chance to get to know the girls who have already written their exams last years. I am going to interview as much as possible alumnus to see their experiences with the Girl Remedial School.

Life in Ghana

During my stay in Ghana I am learning a lot about the mentality, attitudes, religion and communication of Ghanaian people. There are a lot of aspects I already adopt and which I also want to take with me back at home in Germany. Here in church I learned how important it is to forgive someone before that person comes to say sorry. I already practiced this attitude and in the end I realized that it really made everything much easier. Furthermore a lot of Ghanaians follow “the rule” Don’t rush.They don’t mean it only concerning taking your time before getting into a relationship. It also means to think before you speak or write a message. And rather be silent or “leave” a situation before you say or do something you might regret. Don’t rushcan also mean don’t think too far. And giving and taking should be like breathing. It should work automatically and without pressure. The more you give, the more you get. And you have only given when you do it without expectations. Otherwise you would not have given.

Beside these very self-reflective moments I just enjoy living a wonderful, peaceful life. I like it so much sitting beyond someone who’s riding a motorbike – just riding to the market or to another destination. To feel the “cool” dusty air, to hear different noises, to see different situations, smelling Ghana and having a positive thinking mind. My brothers are teaching me how to ride a motorbike. What a great experience.

However the family including me are already thinking about the situation when we have to say goodbye. I learned how time can rush when I am feeling home at a different place in world. If I had the chance to decide the duration of my stay in Bolgatanga again, I would prefer being here for 5 instead of 3 months. Nevertheless every time comes to an end. And in the end, most things are just good like they are.

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