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There are many ways to contribute and to bring our projects forward!

Funding for our projects

As a charitable organisation we are dependant on private donations. Even if donor organisations are funding our activities, we will always need your help. External funding is usually granted under the condition that the project partners raise typically 20 to 25% of the funds. In this endeavour any support is welcome.

Become a JPG Member

The annual JPG membership fees are a reliable source to ensure the core activities of YHFG, such as salaries of YHFG staff, office rent, communication etc. Only with a solid financial support we can continue to be available for the young people in Bolgatanga at any time. The recommended minimum annual contribution is 50 Euro (25 Euro for students). Of course you are very welcome to give more.

Membership Application


Any donation is welcome and will go directly and without exception into the work in Ghana. Donations directly to JPG are tax-efficient in Germany and on request we send a donation receipt to donors.

Find here our complete contact information and other information for donors.

Donations in kind

Next to funding support, donations in kind can be of great help for our work:

  • In the Youth Centre, there is a high demand for teaching material, text- and story books as well as games for the library.
  • With IT- and technical equipment for the office or internet café, such as laptops or laser printers, you could help us minimise our investment costs.
  • For our football teams, we are always in need for football boots, jerseys and shin-guards.

Join the JPG-united team

Did you get enthusiastic about our work and you have a few hours a month to spare? Then you are most welcome to join our group of active JPG members. Currently, we are a small but motivated group of volunteers spread over several European countries. We overcome physical distance by monthly Skype meetings. During our annual members assembly we meet in person to plan the year ahead. As we have become an international group our main communication language is English.

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