Sexual & Reproductive Health Education

“HIV/AIDS awareness and healthy sexual life project” was the title of the very first YHFG project, that started in 2003.  It aimed to break the traditional silence associated with all issues related to sexuality and sexual health and equip students with knowledge and skills to take control of their own sexual life. Since the first day, YHFG and JPG have engaged in the prevention of sexual transmittable diseases and the fight against teenage pregnancies in Bolgatanga. In the framework of this project, the Harvest School Clubs were founded in all Senior High Schools of Bolgatanga.

After the project ended in 2005, the Harvest Clubs continued and remained an important link between YHFG and the in-school youth. A sexual health education program was developed and is taught up to today in schools in and around Bolgatanga by YHFG employees and volunteers.  The Harvest Clubs have been extended to Upper Primary, Junior High Schools and apprentices. In cooperation with the swedish organisation RFSU, YHFG is carrying out the Youth Body Rights Advocacy Project in Junior High Schools of other districts and regions of Northern Ghana.

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