About Us

JugendPartnerschaft Ghana e.V. – JPG  is a German non-profit association which was founded in 2005 as a partner of the Ghanaian NGO YHFG. JPG members and supporters are located in several European countries (D, NL, I, A, UK) and have worked together with YHFG since its foundation.  Through this close long-term collaboration we have grown a strong basis of mutual trust.

Our main work in Europe which is solely carried out on a voluntary basis is

  • raising awareness for the topics advocated by YHFG
  • funding and support for YHFG and their vision
  • development and implementation of new projects
  • coordination of volunteer exchange

Who are the people behind JPG ?

In our projects JPG acts as the European partner of YHFG. JPG gets a significants part of their funds from membership fees and private donations.  In addition, these partner organisations are supporting our joint projects.

The Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana – YHFG was founded in 2002 by dedicated young people in Bolgatanga. Their projects focus on empowering the youth, most importantly the promotion of education.  This is done in a comprehensive approach through various projects and activities.

Together, both organisations aim to  improve the situation of young people in Northern Ghana in a sustainable way. Access to education and an enhanced support of young people, in particular girls and young women, are our central goals.

Who are the people working at YHFG?

Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana – Facebook-Profile

To us, modern development cooperation can only happen within an equal partnership between people in South and North. The motivation and initiative for our projects comes from the people who have been confronted with issues they are dealing with. The projects are developed and planned in close collaboration between JPG and YHFG and are implemented by YHFG in Ghana.

Find out more about the joint projects of  YHFG and JPG

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