Refresher for flash teachers

A refresher training for FLASH program teachers in the Primary and Junior High Schools (JHS) has been a key recommendation of the FLASH teachers during interactions with them at monitoring visits in schools. This was revealed in the remarkable turn out and participation of the teachers at every session of the training when it came off. The experiences shared by some teachers at the training served as a form of motivation to others to continue delivering the program because of its impact on the lives of young people. For instance, a male teacher (Tongo Balungu JHS) reported that, after the lesson on wet dreams was delivered, a boy who had the experience informed the mother who went ahead to tell the pastor. The pastor said it was a spiritual marriage thus he put the boy on a healing therapy. It took the intervention of the FLASH teacher to convince the mother that wet dream is a natural experience before the boy was taken off the therapy. Kudos to RFSU for the support.

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