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Have you always wanted to work in an African country but did not have a clue how to go for it? Maybe working as a volunteer for YHFG is an interesting opportunity for you. Since 2007, YHFG has been working with volunteers from several European countries. Their enthusiasm and the diversity of their background has been a learning experience and brought continuous growth to the organisation. For committed and interested applicants, we arrange a volunteer stay with our partner YHFG in Ghana without any agency fees.

As a volunteer, there are many projects and activities to embark on. You can provide sexual health education for students, give drama/dance lessons, contribute to the remedial school for girls, conduct research, make a student newspaper, join the football teams and more. New ideas are always welcome. We advice a stay of at least two months at YHFG.

We are also looking for dedicated volunteers who would like to support JPG in their work here in Europe, e.g. with organisation, administration, funding or online marketing topics such as homepage, SEO, AdWords and social media.

If you are interested to become a volunteer at YHFG in Northern Ghana or would like to have more information, please get in touch through

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Jurrian, volunteer from the Netherlands in 2017:

“For me it was a beautiful experience to work as a volunteer for the Youth Harvest Foundation. An amazing director and an amazing team helped me a great deal with this experience, because they will see you and involve you as a Ghanaian, which is a very special feeling. Besides that, I experienced that the work I did there was truly meaningful, where you meet a lot of beautiful people.”

Bram, volunteer from the Netherlands in 2017:

“Working at the YHFG was a great experience. During my stay I truly felt as being part of the organization, which made me feel very welcome. Besides, there was the possibility to work on our own project, which was really interesting.”

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