YHFG has a new Board of Trustees

YHFG has a new board of trustees.

“YHFG defines a Youth-led Organisation to mean one that is “predominantly governed and staffed by young people”. From our experience, Youth-led organisations have proven to be of immense benefit for both young people participating and the wider community of young people. As youth-led, the YHFG continue to provide youth the opportunity to take up leadership and organising positions they wouldn’t be able to take in another organisation led by adults.

The first benefit young people receive from being involved in a youth-led is to boost their skills. We deliberately give young people the opportunity to get involve doing activities that can allow a person to challenge him/herself. Another important benefit is that it allows young people to boost their self-confidence levels. Through volunteering, young people learn new skills, meet new people and do work they believe is good for the wider community. This has a naturally positive impact on their confidence and self-esteem. The opportunity to take up leadership roles can be especially useful in terms of building confidence levels. Finally, we create the opportunity for young people to work with like-minded people of a similar age bracket in a youth-led. This allows them to more easily be a part of a healthy community and have strong friendship networks.

This is why the new Board of Trustees is dominated by young people and the new Executive Director is a young woman. We practice what we believe!”

Source: www.yhfg.org

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