Funding for our projects

As a charitable organisation we are dependant on private donations. Even if donor organisations are funding our activities, we will always need your help. External funding is usually granted under the condition that the project partners raise typically 20 to 25% of the funds. In this endeavour any support is welcome.

Any amount is welcome and will go directly and without exception into the work in Ghana.  Donations directly to JPG are tax-efficient in Germany and we will send a donation receipt to donors who provided us with their name and address.

Find here our account information.

As we cannot guarantee that these receipts will be accepted by any authority outside Germany, we are registered with Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) and can receive donations through TGE from many European countries. The national partners of TGE are able to issue tax-efficient donation certificates but will keep 5% of the donation to support and expand the TGE network. Please contact us or consult the TGE website for details.

Other donations

If you do not have the financial means or the time, maybe you could help us with donations in kind:

  • In the Youth Centre, there is a high demand for teaching material, text- and story books as well as games for the library.
  • With IT- and technical equipment for the office or internet café, such as laptops or laser printers, you could help us minimise our investment costs.
  • For our football teams, we are always in need for football boots, jerseys and shin-guards.

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