The people at JPG

The JPG board

Jolien van der Geugten de Lang has completed her PhD on sexual health education at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam in close collaboration with YHFG. She supports JPG in fund-raising activities and coordinates research activities and communication with former volunteers.

Julia Frisch has been closely involved with YHFG since its foundation in 2002 when she was working for her PhD at he Swiss Tropical Institute (Basel) and the Navrongo Health Research Centre in Northern Ghana. In 2005, she founded JPG with some friends to support YHFG more effectively. She is coordinating JPG activities and acts as treasurer of JPG.

Veronika Schlicker has joined JPG in 2009 after 6 months volunteer service with YHFG in Bolga. She has completed her Bachelor of Arts in African Studies and is currently working as a nurse. She is involved in project development and management. In 2016 and 2017 she has visited Bolgatanga and the Remedial School where she discussed the project with the YHFG team and many of the Remedial School students.


Other JPG team members

Anke van Amelsfoort spent six months at YHFG as a Meet Africa volunteer in 2008. She returned to Ghana in September 2009 for one year to support the YHFG team during the absence of John Krugu.

Gero Frisch is a JPG founding member. He has created the JPG website and is always available for IT support. He is engaged in project development and communication.

Lukas Schlicker spent 3 weeks at YHFG in 2016. He is engaged in (online)fund-raising and other upcoming projects.

Nadine Utz is a founding member of JPG. She is supporting JPG in financial and project reporting.


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